10 Reasons You Need To Blog (Part 2 of 3)

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We’ve already seen how blogging is an integral part of growing your business. Let’s recap:

  1. It’s a Great Way to Connect With Your Customers.
  2. It’s a Great Way to Find New Customers.
  3. It’s Free!
  4. Search Engines Love Helpful, Fresh, Relevant Content.
  5. People Love Helpful, Fresh, Relevant Content.

Blogging is an integral part of growing your business. As awesome as that is, writing blog articles can also help you grow as a person.

Here are 5 reasons blogging will help you grow:


Writing is a vital communication tool. Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than what a face-to-face or one-on-one conversation would. Thus, having good writing skills is crucial to everyday life.

The easiest way to get better at something is to keep doing it, and do it a lot. So why not create a blog? Having a blog and posting to it regularly will force you to practice. And practice makes perfect, right? Then again,maybe it doesn’t. But practice does make you better!


As you improve your writing skills, your thinking skills will simultaneously improve. This is because writing is thinking on paper. And, loop-style, as your thinking skills improve, so will your writing skills. The two always go hand-in-hand.

It was Einstein that said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” There is a lot of truth to this, but I would say that if you don’t understand it well enough, then try to explain it. Often times, if you try forming your thoughts into words, you’ll find it easier to understand than before.

8. YOU’LL BECOME A BETTER _________.

Blogging helps you become better at just about anything. If there’s something you want to learn how to do or do better, blog about it. But before you blog about what you don’t know about — that would be a disaster — do your research! As you do, take notes — and lots of them. You are already learning new things, just by doing research. Even more, formulating your thoughts into concise and clear paragraphs solidifies those ideas in your mind.

The Roman philosopher Seneca said, “While we teach, we learn.” When you write, your objective is to teach others, not yourself, but you teach yourself something in the process. This is called the protégé effect. You can learn just about anything simply by trying to write about it.


Blogging not only helps you grow, but it also helps your readers grow too. If your content is helpful and relevant, people will want to read it, and they will learn from it. Blogs inspire change in people. People finding inspiration from your writing is highly rewarding.

Here’s a story about a Scottish girl named Martha Payne, age 9, who started blogging to expose poor learning conditions in her school. In just the first four months, her blog was read by nearly 8 million people. Local authorities took notice and swiftly improved the school’s conditions. The blog even raised £114,000 (approximately $175,000 USD at the time of this writing) to feed children in Malawi. Now that’s inspiration.


Blogging will help you gain more confidence in yourself. As you become a better writer, thinker, learn new things, and inspire others, you will gain confidence.

One unique thing that sets blogs apart from traditional print publishing is the comment system. The social interaction you can have with your readers is invaluable. If you are inspiring others, you’ll know, because people love talking about it. It feels great to get positive feedback, and your confidence will increase with each positive comment, Facebook share, and tweet you receive.


Having a blog is a surefire way to grow as a person:

  • You’ll become a better writer and thinker.
  • You’ll learn new things.
  • You’ll become more confident.

And there are many more benefits to blogging that I haven’t even talked about. If you’ve never written a blog before, I encourage you to try it.

Then again, maybe you shouldn’t blog. Come back as we finish out this 3-part series, to discover 3 reasons why you shouldn’t blog.

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